The Bible, of course! What you probably want to know is what we understand the Bible to teach. That is more precisely delineated in our confessional standards.


Reformed theology takes its name from the Protestant Reformation that took place in the sixteenth century when the church was reformed to be more Biblical in its teaching and practice.

Family Integrated

Family integrated is a modern word for the historic practice of teaching children to worship the Lord Jesus Christ with the rest of the family instead of segregated by themselves.

Our Purpose

Simply stated, the controlling purpose of Crown & Covenant is the gathering and perfecting of Christ’s saints through the ministry of His Word and Sacraments.

More fully stated, the purpose of this church shall be the preaching of the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27) for the edification, instruction and discipline of its members and the conversion of the unsaved. The church, through the formal preaching of the gospel and the informal testimony of its members, has the responsibility to bear witness to the truth of God’s word in every area of life including education, politics, and business (Matthew 5:13-16; 28:18-20). There is no area of our life that is outside the authority of scripture. In light of this great commission given to the church and the fact that families are the basic building blocks of both the church and state, we purpose to:


Establish a local body committed to both orthodoxy (correct teaching) and orthopraxy (correct practice).


Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.


Train men to sacrificially love and lead, train and affirm women in their honorable role as suitable helpers and champion distinctively biblical education for our children.


Trumpet the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Sunday Worship
Join us for worship this Lord’s Day

1115 North Houston Street, Conroe , TX 77301-2354
(We meet in the northern building, closest to Dallas St.)


Sunday at 11am


Please call for directions, help with a ride, or with any other questions.

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