Family Integrated Worship

Why Family Integrated Worship?

Family integrated is a modern word for the historic practice of teaching children to worship the Lord Jesus Christ with the rest of the family instead of segregated by themselves. Most of the time when we find the church gathered for worship in Scripture (e.g. Deuteronomy 29:10-12, Joshua 8:35, Ezra 10:1; Joel 2:16), we find fathers, mothers, and children worshiping together.

This has been the practice of the church until relatively recently when separate programs for children during the worship service have become common. These programs have unwittingly retarded the ability of children to participate in, and profit from, the corporate worship of God’s people.

We believe keeping your children in the worship service will

Teach children the importance and solemnity of corporate worship;

Best enable children to profit from the preaching of God’s word by those he has equipped and sent;

Most closely follow the examples of corporate worship we see in Scripture.

Worshiping with children can be quite a challenge, especially when there are several little ones who are not yet reading and able to follow along for themselves or when there are babies needing care. We understand these difficulties as many of us either have lived, or are living, through them as well. We understand babies cry and may even need to be removed from the assembly from time to time. This is a part of worship. It doesn’t bother us in the least. We rejoice that the Lord has given these little ones and that they are able to worship with us. But it has also been our experience that when families are having family worship every day in the home, children can learn to sit contentedly through much of the worship. An excellent resource in this regard is the book, Family Worship, by Joel Beeke, available through our church library or from many Christian bookstores.

Sunday Worship
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