What We Believe


What do we believe? The Bible, of course! What you probably want to know is what we understand the Bible to teach. That is more precisely delineated in our confessional standards. We think the Westminster Confession of Faith (1646), along with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms, correctly, but not infallibly, summarize the teaching of the Scripture. These are the confessional standards to which all elders are bound.

We also acknowledge the wisdom and purity of other confessions such as the Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism, Helvetic Confession, and the Canons of Dordt and believe they express the same faith proclaimed by the apostles, affirmed by the church fathers, and recovered in the protestant reformation.

Covenant Presbyterian Church

We are a part of the Covenant Presbyterian Church (CPC) and hold to the Constitution of the Covenant Presbyterian Church and the Form of Church Government..

Our constitution incorporates the Westminster Confession and Catechisms subject to some important exceptions and clarifications.

Confession of Faith

The confession consists of 33 chapters stating the sole doctrinal authority of Scripture, and it agrees with and restates the doctrines of the Trinity and of Christ from the creeds of the early church.

Larger Catechism

The Larger Catechism was prepared for the use of ministers and is too detailed for memorizing. It is divided into two parts that discuss the doctrines and duties that Christians are to believe and follow.

Shorter Catechism

The Shorter Catechism was prepared primarily for instructing children in the faith. It is composed of a brief introduction on the end, rule, and essence of religion and of 107 questions and answers.

Relevant Doctrine

Some of those doctrines which are especially relevant in our day are:


Maintaining the centrality of the preaching of the Word, the right celebration of the Sacraments, and the exercise of loving and restorative church discipline;


Believing the testimony of the Scriptures regarding a recent creation (i.e. about 6000 years ago) that excludes the possibility of having death (i.e. the wages of sin) in the earth prior to the fall (i.e. sin).


Promoting the instruction of our children in the precepts and statues of God’s word, speaking of them as we lie down, as we rise up, and as we walk by the way.

Sunday Worship
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1115 North Houston Street, Conroe , TX 77301-2354
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Sunday at 11am


Please call for directions, help with a ride, or with any other questions.

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